Rifle Courses



Here at My Last Resort we believe owning a rifle is not only every person’s right but every person’s responsibility. Everyone knows with responsibility comes the need for training. In the days gone past our fathers trained us while hunting but with the way the world has changed and the availability of food on every corner that is not always possible due to necessity. Proper training is necessary to stay safe while handling your rifle. For instance you don’t buy a plane and start flying, you attend a school. Why would you purchase a rifle and not try and get the best training possible?

The Basic Rifle Course will enable you, as a rifle owner, to properly clean, store and safely operate your weapon at all times.


The AR rifle comes in all types and calibers from the tiny fast .17 HMR to the very large and long range 338 Lapua Mag. It is the newest most versatile rifle on the market today. These weapons were primarily used by the military until recent years when they were modified for use hunting and target shooting. The versatility of this weapon makes it awesome for an all around weapon that you cannot afford to have no training on.

The Advanced AR Rifle Course will enable you, as an AR rifle owner, to properly engage targets at close range in close quarters and from very long ranges, accurately, weapon dependent.


Basic Rifle


Plus Tax

  • 1 – 2 Hours Classroom

  • 1 Day on the Range

  • What you need to bring:
  • Rifle

  • Magazines

  • 50 Rounds Ammunition

  • Eye Protection

  • Hearing Protection

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