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Malkoff Devices

Malkoff Devices Inventor/Owner Gene Malkoff challenged My Last Resort to run their tactical lights dubbed “Hound Dog” and “MD2” through the toughest tests we could muster. Gene wanted to find out if his lights could withstand combat operations and come out as bright or brighter on the other side. So we got together and came up with a list of tests that would determine Malkoff Devices capabilities.

Before we tried to destroy Gene’s lights we pulled them apart to see what they were made of. The first thing we noticed is the hardened chassis it was built on. But when we pulled the head of the light off we found something even more amazing as the M61 LED housing is made of solid brass. This piece is harder looking than any other light we have ever tested. I would be willing to bet that Chuck Norris would even approve of this! But lets not get ahead of ourselves, as we haven’t run it through the ropes yet.

We started off the testing by mounting both lights on our Bushmaster AR-15 and the Sig Sauer 556. We mounted them both backwards, “MD2” in an Elzetta Tactical flashlight mount and the “Hound Dog” in a generic rail style one-inch adjustable mount. The reason we wanted them backwards was to see if they would flicker or flash while the weapon was firing ensuring the cases were built to handle gunfire while maintaining battery contact. Both the MD2 and the Hound Dog held their own as they operated flawlessly magazine after magazine of firing on both single shot and full auto.

Next we buried both lights in the mud for 15 minutes while we reloaded the magazines. We pulled the lights out of the mud, re-mounted them and went straight to shooting and still they operated flawlessly. We pulled the lights off the weapons and launched them from one end of the range to the other, about 30’, to a gravel pad and still they worked great! They did have a couple scratches now but that just added character to the housings!

We packed up and headed to the pool for the next test as it was going to be conducted at 10’ below the surface. We found the buttons strong enough to resist inadvertently turning on and still operating as on the surface. We left the lights on the bottom for 30 minutes to test the integrity of the seals and found no leaks in the housing from top to bottom. Still both the MD2 and the Hound Dog were rocking.

Straight from the pool to the deep freezer at -30 for 30 more minutes and it seemed to us they came out even brighter than when they went in. Well that is after we chipped the ice off of the housing!

We saved the best for last and conducted a 30’ drop test over solid concrete. The MD2 came down, hit the concrete, and bounced. We picked it up and still the MD2 operated without flaw. The Hound Dog hit the concrete and would not turn on! We thought we finally found a flaw however after pulling the light apart found that the batteries had popped the rear spring off so we popped the spring back in place and again it was brighter than ever! We tried the 30’ drop again with the Hound Dog and found it worked just fine as the spring stayed in place. We tried again and again to get the spring to pop out but could not duplicate the reaction from the first test!

Gene’s, Malkoff Devices are lifetime guaranteed. The MD2 and Hound Dog, are the light of choice for us as we feel it surpasses all the tests we could throw at them. My Last Resort is glad to join with Malkoff Devices for the journey ahead!

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Go Magnet – Gun Magnets

In our latest video… Firearms expert Todd Rinehart ( puts this gun magnet to a field test by snapping a glock to the frame of his truck and getting off the pavement. Check out the product at ( What do you think? Will the magnet hold?

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