Military and Law Enforcement



Headlines across the nation erupted when teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Columbine High School students, shot 10 of the 13 people they killed, after police arrived. Columbine Officers were waiting 45 minutes, as trained, for specially trained SWAT units to arrive. This is an all too familiar headline nowadays and needs faster response.

All L. E. Officers should be trained in basic and advanced entry techniques in order to protect anyone who may find themselves in a hostage situation where no demands are made. Enterprise, Alabama headlines over the past year have shown examples of two male home invaders entering houses any time day or night and doing as they please. Your office should NEVER be worried that your Officers can’t handle a basic entry in order to save lives. Just imagine how many could have been saved and how many will be saved with the proper training.

The Dynamic Entry Course will enable you to safely enter and clear any buildings, engaging all targets at close range, in close quarters while defending the perimeter of the location.


This is a train the trainer course that will enable your instructors to train multiple students with a higher success rate than ever before.  We have perfected the ability for instructors to identify key components that hinder performance of shooters in all situations.  We will make your great instructors better which in turn will make even your most inexperienced student shooters great.  They will shoot faster, more accurate and more comfortable than ever before.


Dynamic Entry Course



  • 2 Day Classroom / Range

  • 1 Day of 360° Shoot-House

  • What you need to bring:
  • Pistol and Rifle

  • Magazines

  • Holster

  • 300 Rounds Ammunition Per Gun

  • Assault Gear

  • Entry Gear

  • Eye Protection

  • Hearing Protection

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