Active Shooter


Active Shooter Response Course

Active Shooter” is defined as: Suspect(s) activity is immediately causing death and serious bodily injury. The activity is not contained and there is immediate risk of death or serious injury to potential victims. The Active Shooter scenario is dynamic, evolving very rapidly, and demands an immediate deployment of specially trained, armed resources to terminate the life threatening situation.

Immediate deployment is more likely going to involve the first responder on the scene taking aggressive action to find and neutralize the Active Shooter(s).

With an increasing number of active shooter situations the need for Active Shooter response training and policies have been brought to the forefront of the country’s consciousness, we have to recognize that the Active Shooter scenario can occur in any public place: malls, parks, business offices, schools, restaurants, etc. All of these places, where great numbers of people congregate, are targets for the Active Shooter: with that many people walking around, the Active Shooter has plenty to shoot at. Once he starts he’s not likely to stop until he is forced to cease by actions of the first responder.

For these very reasons, persons responsible for the care and protection of others should be receiving Active Shooter Response training. The training will be applicable to shooting situations such as ones that have taken place across the country in schools, theaters, and malls.