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My Last Resort is a veteran owned small business. We have a combined 65+ years of U.S. Military service. Our team has provided tactical weapons training for many years to the nation’s brightest warriors. We have served in extremely challenging conditions, to include many rotations to War on multiple fronts.

Here at My Last Resort we will provide you with the latest training.  We have a variety of courses for you from beginner to the most ardent professional.

We believe in the 2nd Amendment and that this amendment, alone, protects all of our other Amendments.  We also believe it is your duty as an American to be the best trained you possibly can be in order to defend yourself, your family and your country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Our goal is to teach you the proper skills to effectively and safely engage any potential situation with the confidence and training required to be successful, when all else fails.


Whether you already have a weapon or are thinking about buying a weapon you realize that it is your duty to protect yourself and your family.



Our professional staff have served in many different capacities throughout long and extensive military careers. We posses the skills to teach you how to effectively protect yourself and your family



Unfortunately, in today's society, we are constantly at risk even in our own homes by people who wish to take what you have. Criminals are not afraid to escalate the situation even to the point of taking a life.



Six simple firearms TRUTHS click below.

The second amendment assures the protection of all other amendments as well as maintaining sanctity of the United States Constitution.
Every American has a responsibility to carry a weapon to protect and defend themselves throughout the United States as per the second amendment.
A well trained individual with their personal firearm significantly reduces the chances of an accidental shooting and increases the chances of a successful outcome in a lethal confrontation.

In cities where it is mandatory for every home to have a weapon for the protection of their home and families, violent crime is virtually non-existent.
The highest violent crime rate in the nation is recorded in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York where the gun laws are the most stringent.
Average response time of a law enforcement officer to arrive on scene after a crime has been reported is approximately 10 minutes.

I don’t carry a gun because I am evil, I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see evil in the world.

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Staff

Our instructors are combat proven special operations veterans who have taught the same techniques, that we will teach you, to soldiers who currently use these techniques on the battlefield. What we have to offer is time-proven gun tactics, safety for you and your children and a dedication to each person attending our courses. You will have the confidence and ability to properly defend or defuse any situation when all else fails.

Todd Rinehart

Chief Firearms Instructor
NRA Life Member
IDPA, Match Director, ESP, SSP and CDP
(931) 801-7413

About Todd

Todd is a 21 year retired Army combat veteran. He has seen action around the world with the Infantry, 10th SFG(A) (18D Operator) and as a UH-60 Blackhawk Instructor Pilot. He has three combat tours in Iraq and several tours in other countries worldwide. He has been to some of the finest hand to hand and combat weapons courses in the world to include but not limited to Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (Special Forces Sniper School), Hard Target Interdiction Course and Countermeasures Tactical Institute (Advanced MOUT/CQC). He is a certified instructor that has trained U.S. and foreign personnel throughout his career on everything from weapons and tactics to flying multiple helicopters. Todd developed the "Advanced Tactical Pistol Course" and trained the U.S. Army's 5-101st Airborne Division, while deployed to Iraq to better equip the personnel that are issued only a pistol as their primary weapon. Todd founded My Last Resort in order to train you to survive "When All Else Fails".

Cody Rinehart

Director of Marketing

About Cody

Cody joined My Last Resort in order to train you to survive and prepare you for "When All Else Fails".

Lee Schmid


About Lee

Lee is a 24 year retired Army combat veteran. He has seen action around the world with 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Operations Command. He served as a United States Army Special Operations Sergeant Major and Project Manager in a joint staff charged with coordinating Counter Terrorist activities, 75th Ranger Regiment Operations Sergeant Major, Safety Officer, First Sergeant and the Pre-Ranger Course senior instructor. He has eight combat tours to include the Republic of Panama, Desert Storm, five tours to Afghanistan and one tour to Iraq. Upon retirement, he deployed to Afghanistan three times while with 1st Ranger Battalion as the team lead for a three man team facilitating the Rangers combat mission. He has attended a multitude of military schools to include four leadership courses, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (Special Forces Sniper School), Antiterrorism level II course and numerous weapons safety courses. Lee joined My Last Resort in order to train you to survive and prepare you and the one’s that you care about "When All Else Fails".

Denver Sizemore

NRA Life Member

About Denver

Denver is a 22 year retired Army veteran. Denver brings a multitude of training and experience to the team with a background as a Combat Medic, Linguist, Military Intelligence, and UH-60 Blackhawk Instructor Pilot. He participated in 2 combat deployments to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division as well as many other equally scenic tours with 3rd SFG. He has completed some of the finest courses the world has to offer on the use of weapons and has been a certified instructor for over 20 years. Denver joined My Last Resort in order to train you to survive and prepare you for "When All Else Fails".

Randal Cox

Technical Affairs
Information Management
Web Design

About Randal

Randal is a 22 year retired Army combat veteran. He is in charge of technical affairs and our online presence.

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